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Homemade Belt Grinder Contact Wheel

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To anyone building a homemade belt grinder

Jul 06, 2010 Im in the process of putting together a home made 2x72 belt grinder, and I have been looking for a good motor to power it. I went to sears today and found a professional bench grinder, 8in, 1hp, variable speed 1750rpm-3450rpm. I couldnt believe it and only 119 and it comes with a coarse wheel, wire wheel and a light.

My Homemade Belt Grinder Home Built Workshop

Aug 12, 2017 My Homemade Belt Grinder Posted on August 12, 2017 May 21, 2020 by Jeff Baker Ever since I saw a belt grinder in use, I saw the many uses it could have in the shop.

Homemade Belt Grinder 2020 Updated Shank Knives

Sep 18, 2018 When I first got started making knives I was using a small underpowered 1 30 belt sander to shape my knives and was jealous of those big 2 72 belt grinders I saw all the big guys using I couldnt afford a 2500.00 machine I still cant so I decided to make one. I started by planning out what I would need and the design I would use.

belt grinder wheel products for sale eBay

Get the best deals on belt grinder wheel when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items Browse your favorite brands ... Belt Grinder contact Wheel for 2x72 knife making grinder . 34.20. 7.99 shipping. 346 sold. Belt Grinder wheel 2x72 set for knife grinders. 34.95. 7.99 shipping.

DIY Knifemakers Info Center OSG 12quot Serrated Contact Wheel

I always wanted a large wheel for hollow grinding and working on handle bellies. This is the wheel I bought. Product - 3005025mm 12 inch x 2 inch aluminum wheel with diagonal rubber contact area When on the ordering screen its SUPER important to order your wheel FOR 6202 BEARINGS .

7 Homemade Belt Sander You Can DIY Easily

This homemade twin belt sander was made using an electric motor, some aluminium castings that the designer made at home, bar stock, contact wheels, and springs. This DIY twin belt sander was made from an old, underpowered 6 sander, which the designer converted into this new work of art.

7 Homemade Belt Sander You Can DIY Easily

3.DIY Twin Belt Sander. This homemade twin belt sander was made using an electric motor, some aluminium castings that the designer made at home, bar stock, contact wheels, and springs. This DIY twin belt sander was made from an old, underpowered

Homemade Twin 30quot Belt SanderGrinder You Can DIY Easily

In a little side bar here. A similar project I want to do sometime is a 1 X 48 sandergrinder that will do internal sanding and grinding, similar to the machine pictured below. It would of course be a double belt design, mounted on a larger 8 grinder motor assembly.

homemade grinder Tools and Tool Making Bladesmiths

Oct 14, 2005 heres my first belt grinder contac wheels pressbord idler i lucked in to on ebay years back was using a wheel from sheffilds supply before that the wheel and its barings tilted as it was tightend and that was my traking for the longest time now i have springs to tenchon similer to a bader and a home made screw adjusted traking that realy works cotact wheels the same press board in

belt grinder wheels

Jan 15, 2017 Ive built three 2x72 grinders now. Ive used wheels and pulleys from multiple vendors as well as a number that I made myself. The best value Ive found right now in rubber contact wheels is first, this ebay seller kspirit9.He buys chinese contact wheels and then trues them up himself on a lathe in all axis, balances them, and places a spacer between the bearings so that they cannot be ...

Bolt Together 2 X 72 Belt Grinder 12 Steps with

Four 2in long pieces of 2in angle iron. One piece at least 2.5in x 8in x .25in for the tool rest. One piece 2in x 2in x .25in I made mine more around 2in x 4in x .25in which you will see later One piece 1.5in x 1.1in x .375in for one half of the hinge. One piece 2in x 2in x .375in for the other half of the hinge.


2 x 72 variable speed belt grinder , 10 contact wheel , flat platen with removable plate to allow slack work solid aluminum tool arm 1.5 x 1.5 ,tool rest Flat Platen . RPM 0 -

How To Make A 2 x 72 Belt Grinder IBUILDITCA

The epoxy will make the wheel installation somewhat permanent, but the wheel will be better balanced on the shaft to begin with. After the epoxy sets, the locking screw is driven into the keyway cut in the shaft The new wheel is 5 diameter and will give the grinder a top belt speed of 3760 fpm, which is a substantial increase.

2x72 Belt Grinder Motor Speed

Jan 22, 2018 If direct drive.... well, dont matter if direct drive or pulley drive. Look at the rpm of the drive wheel. Using a 4 drive wheel your belt speed will be slightly above the rpm of drive wheel. i.e. - 1800 rpm motor with 4 drive wheel will have around a 1900 SFPM belt speed. The larger the drive wheel, the faster the belt speed at same rpm.

DIY Highly Adaptable Belt Grinder 10 Steps with

This instructable is ment for people with experience in engineering. We used the following machines to make our belt grinder Welding machine Laser cutter wooden wheel and pulley Milling machine Belt saw Lathe Angle grinder It is also possible to build the belt grinder using less machinery, but then you have to buy some extra parts.

2x72 Belt Grinder Motor Speed

Jan 22, 2018 With the 1800 rpm motor if you had a 3 to 3.5 drive wheel to swap out youd have a nice slower speed for working with finish bevels and finer grit belts. 120 grit belt will work just fine with 2350 SFPM belt speed, but wouldnt go much finer grit at that speed.

SerratedSmooth Contact Wheels Product Details

Grindersbuffers capability is readily expanded by selection of the best contact wheelbuffing wheel combination for your material. Many contact wheel diameters, widths, hardnesses and face geometrys are available - 55 shore, for general purpose grinding, 90 shore serrated for heavy grinding. Numerous nylon wheels, buffing wheels and specialty wheels are available.

2FS72M 2 x 72 Inch Multi Position Belt Grinder

Both of these grinders were designed to meet a customers grinding needs and now is a part of our standard belt grinding equipment. The Kalamazoo Industries model 2FS72M 2 x 72 multi position belt grinder features a 8 x 2 serrated 70 duro contact wheel, 12HP 1PH 110V motor or a v-belt pulley, removable work table and platen.

Dirt Cheap 2 x 72 Belt Grinder Build DIY Knifemakers

OK, I love belt grinders just as much as the next person, but its a tough outlay of cash to get into a new grinder. ... The contact wheel is attached with a long 12 bolt, flat washers and a nylon lock nut. Here we also see the gas spring being mounted with some 10-24 by 1-12 machine screws and nuts. The position of the gas spring may vary ...

Free 2 x 72 belt grinder plans 2020 version

Mar 08, 2020 I have been designing and building my own version of a 2x72 belt grinder for a number of years and I made some modifications over the years to where they are now. Recently, a talented CAD user who was building a grinder off my plans was courteous enough to model the grinder and each part within a CAD platform and print the plans to PDF.

The KMG Industrial Belt Grinder Beaumont Metal Works

We prefer to drive the KMG with pulleys and a belt to maximize the versatility, however, you can also direct drive with a motor coupling of your choice. With the standard 4 drive wheel, the abrasive belt speed is easily calculated as follows Belt speed ftmin RPM example 100rpm 100ftmin, 3500 rpm 3500ftmin

Belt grinder wheels size help Practical Machinist

Nov 20, 2018 Im building a 2x72 belt grinder and i a hard time figure out witch motor and what size of wheelroller i shuld What i have today is 400v 3kW 1430 rpm motor 230v 1,1 kW 910 rpm motor 3 drive wheel that fits the 400v motor 2 tracktension wheel Two 2 idler Wheels Will that setup works if im using the 400v motor

2x48quot Belt grinder plans The Practical Engineer

Grinding wheel set. To get a decent speed on the belt youll want to have a 5 or 6 inch drive wheel. Furthermore when ordering the wheels make sure the wheel fit your motor axle and that the m12 bolts fit through it. I bought it over here. Spring. Get a spring that has the following specs or close to it Wire diameter 4mm. Spring diameter ...

221572 tilting belt grinder Jers Woodshop

Contact wheel attachment Necessary for hollow-grinding knife blades, but also great for smooth, high-speed, efficient stock removal. Small wheel attachment Uses a variety of wheels, from 14 to 2, to grind internal radiuses. Great for making finger notches in knife handles or notching tube for a T-joint.

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