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Telescope Mirror Grinding Kit

All our Mirror Kits contain a Pilkington Float Glass mirror blank and Grinding Tool. These arefinished with fine ground edges. 180 grade first stage ginding powder. 400 grade ginding powder. 303 grade smoothing powder. Top quality Cerium Oxide Polishing powder.

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Hand Grinding a Telescope Mirror Make

May 30, 2014 This is how you make a telescope mirror out of a hunk of glass Use a sand mixture and another piece of glass to grind away the middle of a concave shape. Repeat with finer and finer grit sand. Dave Barosso demonstrates the technique, but to do it yourself, try to visit one of the Telescope Makers Workshop s classes on Friday nights in Oakland.

Telescope Mirror Making

For grinding the back of my 12 mirror, I used an 8 disk of 34 particle board, glued tiles to the front with epoxy, and coated the back and sides with polyurethane. It worked great. I made my polishing tool for my 12 mirror out of three layers of 34 particle board glued together. I used a chisel and a belt sander to put a curve on the ...

Buy mirror blanks for telescope making

12 Inch Mirror Blanks, 34 Thick 69 SampH 16 Shipping prices are to the USA - not shipping outside the US, sorry Combined shipping is possible - Write For a complete mirror making KIT, with all abrasives, polishing compounds, pitch, and grinding tool included, please see our Buy Telescope Mirror Kits

Grind and Polish a DobsonianNewtonian Telescope Mirror

Grind and Polish a DobsonianNewtonian Telescope Mirror With Hand Tools Making a telescope about 10 years ago was one of the most rewarding projects Ive ever undertaken. I ground the mirror and made every other component out of recycled materials as much as possible. This Instructable will cover how to grind a mirror f

Telescope Making Kit HOME BUILT TELESCOPE Book How

Astronomical Telescope Mirrors KIT 112 Wave are polished and figured to yield high level performance. Each mirror is aluminized with reflectivity of 93 and hard over coated with protective over coat, ready for placement in the telescope tube. GSO parabolic mirror set size of 4.5 and 6 , are made from BK7 quality optical glass.

Tell me about grinding your own telescope lenses General

Dec 05, 2007 It was alive and well in the late 1960s when I was a teenager. I recall looking at the Edmund Scientific catalog which featured many kits for grinding your own mirrors for reflector telescopes. They also supplied everything else for telescope building tubes, mounts, eyepieces, etc.

Telescope Mirrors Blanks Secondaries Grinding Materials

Telescope Mirrors, Blanks, Secondaries, Grinding Materials, Testers, Aluminising, Making Advice Information. ... 30AUD Pumice grinding powder per kilo 30AUD 80 Grade grinding powder per 8 mirror 2AUD 120 2AUD 220 3AUD 320 4AUD 500 6AUD 1000 8AUD 1600 8AUD Cerium Oxide 8AUD Lap resin kit 15AUD SECONDARY ...

Joy of Mirror Making Rough Grinding BBAstroDesigns

Rough Grinding The first milestone is putting a curve into the mirror face. The curves depth dictates the mirrors focal length. The curve should be spherical. Creating the curve can be done by several methods The curve is ground into the mirror face using a grinding tool. The curve is pre-generated for you.

Joy of Mirror Making Fine Grinding BBAstroDesigns

For large thin mirrors, say 12 inches 30cm or greater and 1.5 inches 4cm or thinner, the mirror back must be ground flat, or at least regular in shape before beginning fine grinding the mirrors face. Cast a tool specifically for the mirrors back, and grind with 220

Telescope Making Supplies

Throughout the grinding and final lapping stages, the objective has been to reduce pits and scratches to the smallest possible size. However, no amount of grinding can produce a surface smooth enough or sufficiently transparent to meet the needs of a first-class telescope objective. Different techniques are

Telescope making and Maintenance

Mirror grinding kits from Newport includes glass for primary mirror, completed secondary mirror, polishing compounds, AND coating of the primary mirror when it is completed. 4.5-inch - 67 to 73 6-inch - 100 to 120 8-inch - 150 to 170 10-inch - 300 to 320

Telescope Products amp Services Galvoptics

We offer a range of products and services for the ameteur telescope enthusiast such as grinding powders, polishing powders compounds, telescope aluminising services. We offer a Telescope mirror re coating service for both Primary and Secondary telescope mirrors.

Buy Telescope Mirrors Jims Mobile

Jims Mobile, Inc. JMI Telescopes is a world renowned manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and aftermarket accessories for the amateur and professional astronomer. We manufacture telescopes and accessories such as telescope wheels, carrying cases, guiding computers, focusers, motors and motor controls and much more.

Homemade Telescope Making Google Sites

3 A homemade telescope mirror can be made with more accuracy and smoothness than the mass-produced, commercial mirrors available today. Unfortunately, the cost of mirror grinding kits and pyrex blanks has increased significantly in recent years to the point where any savings from making a mirror versus buying one are minimal at best.

Amateur Telescope Making Main Page Stellafane

Grinding a Mirror For it is true that astronomy, from a popular standpoint, is handicapped by the inability of the average workman to own an expensive astronomical telescope. It is also true that if an amateur starts out to build a telescope just for fun he will find, before his labors are over, that he has become seriously interested in the ...

Joy of Mirror Making Polishing BBAstroDesigns

Here is a 25 inch mirror on top of the fine grinding tool with pads applied. ... Pitch is used today to polish amateur telescope mirrors, though any soft material will work to some degree such as felt, paper and even plastic. Pitch was first used by Isaac Newton three hundred years ago. Polishing compound is either cerium oxide or rouge, the ...

Jumping into Mirror Making by Michael Mills

Jumping into Mirror Making Michael Mills. I have been preparing to grind my own primary mirror for a long time. Ive collected many fine books on telescope making and mirror grinding, including Richard Berrys Build Your Own Telescope, Sam Browns All About Telescopes, and Jean Texereaus How to Make a Telescope.I read through all of these books, ordered a 6 mirror kit from Willmann-Bell, and ...

Five Star Optical Supply Quartz Mirror Blanks for Telescopes

Where Quartz meets Telescopes. Following in the footsteps of Greg Rohde Superior Optical Supply, new owners Tim and Chris Anderson Five Star Optical Supply will continue to provide high quality, quartz mirror blanks to the amateur astronomy market. Quartz is a very pure glass with an extremely high melting point. Because quartz is much ...

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