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Washing Machine Burning Smell

A burning smell in your washing machine can be a result of a worn clutch, and your machine will likely be making a loud scraping noise during the spin cycle. Another common sign of a worn clutch is brake dust or shavings found underneath the washing machine. If your machine displays any of these symptoms, the clutch may need to be replaced.

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GE Profile Washing Machine Burning Smell

Oct 25, 2007 I have a 5 year old GE Profile washing machine model WPSB8060B0WW. My wife started a load and we both noticed that is was agitating slowly. It had been doing this for a couple of days. The machine began to smell like it was burning and I immediately turned it off. This was happening during the spin cycle.

Washing Machine Emits A Burning Smell AEG

Warning If there is a burning smell coming from the washing machine, washer dryer or tumble dryer, unplug the appliance immediately and contact an Authorized Service Center. Book a repair. Book a repair. Out of warranty Not a problem. We can arrange for a technician to repair your appliance for a fixed price where call out, parts and labour ...

Whats causing a burning smell in your washing machine

Its generally a sign that the machine is about to break down, and it could well indicate that its in a dangerous condition. If you smell burning in or around your washing machine you need to take immediate steps. Where is the Smell Coming From If the smell is clearly coming from the washing machine itself, switch it off and unplug it immediately.

Washing Machine has a strange electrical burning smell

Jun 29, 2010 Model Servis easilogic 1500rpm M6505w. Our washing machine has recently started to make a strange electrical burning type of smell. It appears to still be working fine with no smoke or problems turning the drum. The only other thing that happens is that the lights dim, when it

Washing machine emits a burning smell Electrolux

Warning If there is a burning smell coming from the washing machine, washer dryer or tumble dryer, unplug the appliance immediately and contact an Authorized Service Center.

Washing Machine not working for the Spin Cycle burning smell

Before I left town, my washing machine started making a screeching sound when it was spinning the drum. When I got back two weeks later, my wife said it stopped working all together. When it hits the spin cycle, it just sits there and hums and I can smell that electronic burning smell

Bosch washing machine burning smell inside drum UK

Re Bosch washing machine burning smell inside drum The run out is only around 2mm and doesnt rub all the time, only when its doing a spin and not every wash, weight of the wash doesnt make a difference as far as I can tell. Its only now I can tell its been rubbing from the melted rubber stuck on the edge of the inner drum.


An electrical burning smell may also be caused by a water leak coming into contact with electrical wiring. Both are major concerns and should be addressed immediately. A water leak can cause structural damage in your home and can short out the electrical wiring in your washer and cause additional damage to the machine. Other Causes

strange smell coming from new washing machine

Jun 24, 2009 strange smell coming from new washing machine 24 June 2009 at 930AM edited 30 November -1 at 1200AM in In my home includes DIY MoneySaving 3 replies 23.1K views

Why Does My Washing Machine Smell McCombs Supply

Broken Drive Motor Pulley. Washing machine drums often spin with the assistance of a drive belt, and if this belt is broken or not connected well, it can rub against other parts and create friction, which would lead to a burning smell.. Most often, washing machines will not spin if the drive belt is broken.

Smell from Washing Machine Samsung Community

Hi I have had my Addwash ecobubble 8kg washing machine for one month now but recently there has been a smell coming from it when it is in use. I have used the ecodrum clean program few weeks ago so i do not think it is that. My husband thinks it could be a detergant smell mixed with the calgon tabl...

My GE Washing Machine Wont Spin and Has a Burning

My GE Washing Machine Wont Spin and Has a Burning Smell Belt Problem. GE residential washing machines have either one or two rubber belts. The belt is designed to steady the... Broken Motor Pulley. A GE washing machine has a motor pulley that keeps tension on the belt so it doesnt slide down ...

My Washing Machine Smells Like Burning Rubber

Jul 14, 2020 If you smell a burning odour coming from your washing machine, it is essential that you diagnose the problem and find a solution before using your washer again. Ignoring the problem may lead to more damage, a costlier fix or a potential fire. The first step lies in

Strange smell from Indesit washing machine Yahoo

Jan 11, 2011 Both are necessary to run your washing machine and can be costly to repair. The first thing to do if you notice an electrical smell in your washing machine and not a rubber burning smell, is to unplug the machine and call the manufacturer or a repairperson. An electrical burning smell may also be caused by a water leak coming into ...

My Washing Machine Smells Like Burning 24 7 Home Rescue

A burning smell from the washing machine or indeed any electrical appliance indicates that the item is either about to break down or is imminently dangerous. You should therefore turn off the washing machine at the wall and take the plug out if you notice any strange smells and leave it turned off and unplugged until you have repaired it.

My Washing Machine Smells Like Burning Rubber Hunker

My Washing Machine Smells Like Burning Rubber Worn Belts. In some top-loading washing machine models, the tub is connected to the motor by a drive belt, and when this... Overheating Motors. Whether the main drive motor is connected by a belt or by a

Washer Burning Smell Causes and How to Fix the Problem

Burning smells are not all created equal. If the burning smell coming from the washer is electrical not rubber scented, this may indicate water leaking onto electrical components and causing a shortage or sparking. Pump Belt Issues. On some washing machine models, the water pump requires a rubber belt to drive the drain pump.

How to Fix Burning Smell From Washer Repair Guide

Troubleshooting Washing Machine When It Smells Like Burning. A washing machine is one of the most essential and day-to-day home appliances. Our daily routine depends heavily on whether the washer is working or not. Sometimes it could break, just like any other appliance. If this happens, we are left with piles of dirty clothes and a tough ...

Burning Smell from Dryer Heres What to Do Mr Appliance

The burning smell from your dryer may be lint buildup or another common problemsuch as a failing thermostat, motor, or belt. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, clothes dryers start 2,900 house fires per year.About a third of those fires are caused by excess lint

Washer not draining Burning smell Appliance Repair

Feb 19, 2010 I smelled something burning smell of burning rubber or insulation in my house and sniffed it out to the washer. The washer had stopped in the middle of the rinse cycle and was doing nothing. I unplugged it for a minute and plugged it in again. Now, wherever in the cycle I try to start it, all I hear is a humming sound.

FIXED Maytag MAV8000AWW Washer Burning Smell

Dec 30, 2014 I ordered a replacement drive belt 22003483, turned the washing machine on its side and opened up the bottom of the machine. I replaced the belt and thankfully that solved my issue. So grateful. It wasnt spinning at times and had an awful burning smell.

Whats That Burning Smell Coming from Your Dryer Solved

Use these six tips to remedy any burning smell from the clothes dryer and prevent dryer firesand learn when its best to call in a professional. ... Washing Machine Smells

Need Washer Advice Samsung Washer Spin Burning Smell

Sep 27, 2020 If its belt driven, check the drive belt as that could be slipping at higher speeds causing the burning smell. Also make sure all dustlint is cleaned from the exhaust, inside the tub, and inside the machine around the heatermotor. 2. Jan 8th, 2019 451

10 Reasons your Clothes Smell After Washing Cleanipedia

Nov 18, 2020 4. Your clothes smell damp after washing because they have been in the machine too long. If your clothes smell damp after washing, it might just mean you need to take them out of the machine quicker. The longer you leave them in the machine, the staler theyre going to smell. Try using the delay start function on your washing machine so ...

Your Washing Machine Smells How to Get Rid of Washing

Jun 19, 2020 Another effective method of removing washing machine smells is with baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate will rid your washing machine of bacteria, fungi and other sources of foul odors. Heres how to clean your washing machine with baking soda Add 3 12 tbsp. into the main detergent compartment of your washing machine.

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